If you are interested in adopting a horse from Lifesavers please fill out this Adoption-Application-form and return to our office via email to info@wildhorserescue.org 

Lifesavers is always looking for loving, permanent homes for our previously rescued horses. Adopters may choose from foals, young mares and geldings, and even trained saddle horses. Our staff work to prepare horses for adoption by first teaching them basic ground skills, such as haltering, leading, and trailer loading. We help prospective adopters find the horse that will be right for them, and provide education to ensure that the adopter will be successful with the horse.

In the event that an adopter becomes unable to continue caring for their adopted equine, the adopter agrees to return it to Lifesavers. In this way, we ensure that none of our rescued horses will need to be rescued a second time.

Though Lifesavers frequently takes in pregnant mares and sometimes has foals available for adoption, we are a non-breeding facility and work to educate horse owners about the consequences of unnecessary horse breeding and the resulting “unwanted” horse crisis.

Please contact us for information about horses we have available. Our trainers will help find the perfect horse for you. Let us know what you are looking for.  For more information call 661-727-1205 or email info@wildhorserescue.org 

Here are a few of our available horses ready for adoption.