Amid the worry and uncertainty of this moment in time we wish all of our friends health and safety. We are doing our best to keep ourselves out of the mainstream of travel and activity while continuing to give care to more than 400 horses every single day.

As we see people losing their jobs and financial nest eggs we are feeling the trickle down effect as well. Donations are quickly drying up and our reserves will not last without the continued support of those who can comfortably give so that the horses will not miss a meal.

We are bringing in extra hay as we can to try to brace against the possibility that hay may become hard to find over the next few months while our country is trying to survive on just the basics.

If we all do our part the best we can then maybe this downturn will see an upswing in the nearest future.

Please don’t forget about the innocent horses that have no awareness of what is happening right now. To them it’s just another day in Paradise.

Thank you and may you and your family stay strong and well.

From my heart to yours,

Jill Starr. Founder and Executive Director

We are dedicated to saving wild and domestic horses from abuse, neglect and slaughter. Once rescued and brought to our Lancaster, California training and adoption facility the horses are assessed for adoption potential by our highly skilled team of trainers. If the horses pass the muster they will get more training, if needed, and then the perfect home will be sought for them. Certain rescued horses are deemed un-adoptable for a variety of reasons, such as age, disposition, confirmation, or history of abuse. Those deserving horses will live out their natural lives at our beautiful wilderness sanctuary called Wild Horse Canyon, located in Caliente, California.

Some of our rescued horses have the opportunity to give back to those who supported their freedom from suffering by being involved in our Horsemanship programs such as Wild Horse Boot Camp – a “boots on the ground” wild horse gentling workshop and Women’s Wild Horse Empowerment Journey – a retreat for women offering an experience with wild horses, yoga, meditation, and a whole lotta fun!

Lifesavers has always been a leader in the fight to end horse slaughter as well as other types of inhumane treatment of horses. We continue to support lobby and legislative efforts by legal advocates that submit bills into Congress to create laws that will protect American horses from being neglected, abused, and sent to slaughter.

In October of 2018, Lifesavers opened its very own Thrift and Gift Shop at Wild Horse Canyon Sanctuary in Caliente, California. It is called “The Wild Horse Thrift and Gift”. The store carries new and gently used items of  rustic, ranch, equine, vintage, antique, and homemade character. Nestled in the foothills of the lower Sierra’s, Wild Horse Canyon is becoming a destination for visitors from near and far who are interested in viewing Wild Horses and spending time in a rugged, but accessible natural environment. Day visitors may schedule a tour, and weekenders may book our Wild Horse Lodge through Airbnb.

All the activities that Lifesavers offers to the public are designed to raise funds for the continued rescue and care of wild and domestic horses. Currently Lifesavers has 400 horses under its daily care. The horses are also supported by donations from the general public either online or by mail, grants from private foundations, and bequests from donors who so thoughtfully left Lifesavers in their wills and trusts.

Your ongoing support helps us continue our lifesaving mission and programs. Please enjoy our website. Thank you.


We have an urgent rescue situation that has a long complicated story to it, but I’m going to cut to the chase and just give you the pertinent points.


Last August, 37 horses were confiscated from a severe neglect case in Northern California. The case went to court and the judge awarded custody and ownership of all horses to the local Animal Control agency. One horse was lost due to extreme malnourishment and starvation, but the others survived and re-bounded… READ MORE


Update: 12/5/19

We have released 9 Devil’s Garden horses, so far, to our Wild Horse Canyon Sanctuary.
Here is a short video of the first 4 being released.


I know you have seen photos like this before – and it breaks your heart. But we cannot stop fighting to save them no matter how much it hurts!

I took this photo about 12 years ago at a Nevada roundup. It was painful to watch as these horses ran for their lives only to end up trapped with no way out. That was the end of normal for these wild horses. From the trap, they were separated from their family bands, trailered to other locations, processed, freeze branded, separated again, and the rest is unknown. Did any of them get adopted? Did any end up at a sanctuary? And, how many ultimately went to slaughter?

I’ve been fighting for the horses for 22 years now. And it seems we are losing the battle – but I refuse to surrender the war. The various government agencies mandated to manage and protect our wild horses on the range are failing miserably and the precious wild ones are paying a deadly price for it.

I want to share a simple idea with you about how we can take just a minute to try to keep our wild horses from being rounded up and sent to slaughter. Please continue to read…


This time of year is always hard on us. Donations fall off but our expenses don’t so we have to ask more often and we have to be honestly urgent in asking for help!  With over 400 horses under our care our expenses are enormous. We need $40,000 each month just to feed our hungry horses, not to even mention all other costs of running two rescue facilities.

Lifesavers is working on creating an additional form of income that doesn’t depend on donations so that when donations seasonally drop, we won’t be in a pickle. But those kinds of plans require funds to invest and certainly we don’t have that right now. When we do, when our funds come back up and we believe in our hearts that they will, then we will go forward with a plan of at least partial sustainability.

They keep saying that the economy is booming, but we don’t feel it yet. We are still struggling.  Please, please, reach into your heart and make a donation now to help us through this down time. The horses depend on your gifts of love.  Any amount is a blessing to us.

Thank you!

Please enjoy this video featuring Def Leppard drummer, Rick Allen, and his wife Lauren when they came out to our ranch to work with a wild horse!