We are dedicated to saving wild and domestic horses from abuse, neglect and slaughter.  We prepare our rescued horses for adoption to only the best homes.  Certain rescued horses are deemed unadoptable for a variety of reasons and those deserving horses live out their natural lives at our beautiful wilderness sanctuary called Wild Horse Canyon, located in Caliente, CA.

Our rescued horses have the opportunity to give back to those who supported their freedom from suffering by being involved in our Horse Inspired Growth and Healing programs such as Wild Horse Boot Camp – a wild horse gentling workshop, Women’s Wild Horse Empowerment Journey – a retreat for women that will find their inner strength and courage by learning to gentle wild horses, and Wild Horse Warriors Journey – for veterans with PTSD, TBI, Depression and other invisible and physical post-war injuries.  The Warriors find relief and coping skills when they make a heart connection with wild and domestic horses. Lifesavers knows that rescued wild horses and heart-broken humans can heal each other – we have living proof!

Your ongoing support helps us continue our lifesaving mission and programs.  Please enjoy our website.  Thank you.


This December, the last month of 2018 is when I reflect on all that I am grateful for and the blessings that were received throughout the year. I have so many to thank, and so much to be thankful for and I know exactly where I to start…

With you, one of the most important people in my life and the lives of the horses. You have given us the breath of life that keeps our lifesaving work alive. Through your continued support, you make it possible for Lifesavers to feed and care for the 400+ horses at our Lancaster, California Training and Adoption Facility, and our Wild Horse Canyon Sanctuary in Caliente, California.

Your support may have been a generous donation or grant, or it may have been signing a petition to stop horse slaughter, or it might be that you are one of our valuable volunteers or staff members, perhaps you shared your knowledge and news of Lifesavers to others, or maybe you prayed for the well being of the horses – anyway you helped us…

You Helped Us.  Read More…


Help us save 10 wild horses from a California roundup

1000 Wild Horses are already being rounded up. Hundreds of them could be sold for slaughter!

Read what we are doing to save 10 innocent wild horses from a cruel – heartless round-up by the U.S. Forest Service…

Update:  November 20, 2018 – We are still working on fencing a property that will be the home for 10 older horses from the devastating roundup.  We should be ready to take the horses by mid December. Please help us with the cost of fencing, transportation, and ongoing care. We will take in 10 of the older former stallions, gelded by the Forest Service, that have spent their entire lives thus far living a natural life in a herd with their mates and off spring.  They have  been rounded up, separated from their families, processed, gelded, branded, corralled, and denied their God given freedom to live the life of wild horses.  We will give them peace and freedom so they can live the rest of their lives safely at Wild Horse Canyon.


This time of year is always hard on us. Donations fall off but our expenses don’t so we have to ask more often and we have to be honestly urgent in asking for help!  With over 400 horses under our care our expenses are enormous. We need $40,000 each month just to feed our hungry horses, not to even mention all other costs of running two rescue facilities.

Lifesavers is making plans to create an additional form of income that doesn’t depend on donations so that when donations seasonally drop, we won’t be in a pickle.  But those kinds of plans require funds to invest and certainly we don’t have that right now. When we do, when our funds come back up and we believe in our hearts that they will, then we will go forward with a plan of at least partial sustainability.

They keep saying that the economy is booming, but we don’t feel it yet. We are still struggling.  Please, please, reach into your heart and make a donation now to help us through this down time. The horses depend on your gifts of love.  Any amount is a blessing to us.

Thank you!

Please enjoy this video featuring Def Leppard drummer, Rick Allen, and his wife Lauren when they came out to our ranch to work with a wild horse!