OCTOBER 23, 2016

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true!  Over 800 horses are in grave danger.  As many as 30 horses are reported to already have died.

The news recently broke about a remote ranch  in South Dakota that used to be a premier wild horse conservancy sanctuary has now become the focus of an animal neglect situation.

Somehow, this ranch turned into a concentration camp for 800 horses now fighting for their lives.  Sadly, many have already fallen victim to the lack of feed and care.  Stallions, mares and even young foals collapsed one by one, two by two, into the bare dirt ground, taking their last hopeless breaths.

How could something like this happen?Over the years, the wild horses on that ranch were allowed to breed without effective management, a birth control plan, or an adoption program.  And it appears that the organization lacked the vital funds to pay for hay and vet care for the ever increasing number of horses they were producing.

I am not telling you about this to point fingers, or any blame.  I’m just concerned about the innocent horses and how they will survive.

The county sheriff department has taken over the feed and care of the horses and are trying to raise funds for hay pending vet assessment and a plan of what to do with the horses now.  I fear that many will end up at a slaughterhouse.

The ranch was created with good intentions, but when their horse population grew out of control beyond any ability to financially care for them…well that was the invitation for disaster.

Dear Friend, I can tell you with IRON CLAD conviction that Lifesavers will NEVER let our horses go without the food and care they need.

I will NEVER let our horses go hungry – not even for one day!  I would sell my own soul first.  And…as you know…I’m not too proud to beg for assistance when we get low on our funds.

The truth is our donations are slipping a little right now, so I am begging for you to help us make our ends meet this month.

We have over 400 mouths to feed, and keeping their bellies full each month is NOT easy.  We spend over $40,000 each month just on hay.  But then there’s veterinary care, hoof care, and training – the list goes on and on…

It costs a fortune every month to keep horses from becoming another sad headline in the news.  But your support is how we do it.

Lifesavers has been rescuing and caring for horses since 1997 – and we have never even come close to letting our horses go hungry – and we never will!  (We have an active training and adoption program that helps keep our numbers down)

Sadly, cases of starving horses is not an uncommon phenomena…

Lifesavers has been responsible for the rescue of hundreds of starving horses – such as the 125 mares and foals that we saved in 2006.  The Fish Creek horses were left and forgotten and dying in Nevada.  But we rushed in to feed them and then relocate them to our California ranch.  We still have many of those horses living fat and happy at our sanctuary.

And then there was the historic Nebraska case…the Three Strikes Ranch rescue.  Nearly 100 horse corpses were discovered on a 2000 acre ranch while 200 other horses were still trying to stay alive the best the could.  I was one of the first responders on the scene along with many other horse rescue volunteers and agencies. It was a nightmare – but the survivors were saved and relocated.

You see, Lifesavers lives up to its name.  We save lives!

Please consider making a generous donation to help us feed and care for more than 400 rescued wild and domestic horses. And if you can, please give us a little bit extra so we can send it along to the starving horses in South Dakota to help them get the hay they need during this transitional time for them.

Of course – our horses come first – but if we can make our monthly budget and we are confident that our horses will get what they need, we hope to raise an additional $2500 to send to the South Dakota horses. 

I can’t tell you how frightening it is to think that a long standing horse sanctuary such as the one in South Dakota could fall on hard times so bad that their horses would die.  Believe me when I tell you – that will NEVER happen to Lifesavers horses.  We have a plan in action now to reduce our horse population through training and adoption.  Our sanctuary horses, many of which have been with us for nearly 20 years, will live out their natural lives with us.

Thank you so much for your continued support of love and contributions.

Many Blessings,

Jill Starr
Founder and Executive Director

P.S. Your support, as well as the support of all of our friends, family, and followers, is essential to the well being of all the horses we have rescued – please give – and give regularly if you can – to make sure our precious horses will never be in danger of going without a single day of food.  And remember – a little bit extra  might allow us to send as much as $2500 for hay to the survivors in South Dakota.

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