This December, the last month of 2018 is when I reflect on all that I am grateful for and the blessings that were received throughout the year. I have so many to thank, and so much to be thankful for and I know exactly where I to start…

With you, one of the most important people in my life and the lives of the horses. You have given us the breath of life that keeps our lifesaving work alive. Through your continued support, you make it possible for Lifesavers to feed and care for the 400+ horses at our Lancaster, California Training and Adoption Facility, and our Wild Horse Canyon Sanctuary in Caliente, California.

Your support may have been a generous donation or grant, or it may have been signing a petition to stop horse slaughter, or it might be that you are one of our valuable volunteers or staff members, perhaps you shared your knowledge and news of Lifesavers to others, or maybe you prayed for the well being of the horses – anyway you helped us…

You Helped Us.

You made it possible for us to rescue a few more needy souls this year like Petie, Molly, Saoirse, Macha, Sunflower, Tex, Nickers, Brandy, Yin, Yang, and The Flintstone family of mustangs – all these horses came from slaughter pending feedlots.  We wouldn’t have been able to rescue and care for these deserving horses and burros without your generous support throughout the year.

And soon we will be receiving 10 beautiful senior wild horses that were sadly removed from the only home they have ever known – the Devil’s Garden herd area in northern California.  These 10 older geldings will live out their lives at Wild Horse Canyon Sanctuary. Unfortunately it is not the freedom they were born into, nor will they be surrounded by their mates or offspring, but they will be safe, they will have plenty of feed, water, and room to roam. And they will never be in danger of being shipped to slaughter – as they were before we reached out to them.  They will be safe because of you.

You have shared in the sad moments when we have said Good-Bye to our loved ones like Libby who crossed over peacefully earlier this year after a health issue ultimately won its battle.  But she lived a long tranquil life with us at the Sanctuary in the company of her friends.

And you support Lifesavers as we build partnerships with other organizations that share our interest in ending horse slaughter, advocating for the welfare of horses, and networking to rescue and adopt as many horses as possible.

I am ever grateful for you and I’m sure I don’t say it enough, so I just wanted to take this opportunity now to let you know that you are the foundation beneath us, our pillars of strength, and without you we would not be able to reach the stars that we have in our sights. Thank you for being a Lifesaver!

Many blessings,

Jill Starr

Founder/Executive Director