December 2019

Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue has been saving wild horses and taming wild hearts since 1997. As each year passes and brings us to the threshold of new possibilities I look back at the path that brought us to where and who we are now.

In a blink of an eye we grew from a small horse rescue with 10 saved lives to care for on 16 California desert acres to one of the most renowned wild horse rescue organizations in the world. With over 1000 sanctuary acres and two locations in California, we have rescued thousands of horses over the years. We have found homes for most of them but still care for more than 400 today…and our rescue work is always underway.

Some of the accomplishments of the previous year include adding 18 rescued horses and 2 dogs to our family.

Our Lancaster ranch hosted several SPARTA programs where veterans and active military personnel came to find healing with horses. Equine First Aid classes were held there as well to give the community some guidance on emergency what-to-dos for their own horses.

Our Wild Horse Canyon Sanctuary in Caliente was expanded by an additional 160 acres which was able to be fenced completely by a generous grant. The new parcels are giving previously rescued but unadoptable horses their long deserved freedom. Also at Wild Horse Canyon, we hosted our annual wild horse gentling programs, Wild Horse Boot Camp and Women’s Wild Horse Empowerment Journey. Both were completely full and very successful as our signature guest experiences.

Proudly we can boast that our Wild Horse Thrift and Gift store celeberated its first year anniversary. What was thought of as a “shot in the dark” for raising desperately needed funds for Lifesavers has turned into a community staple.

Most importantly I want to achnowledge our “Lifeline” of dedicated donors, volunteers, and staff, including our board members. Their gifts of love keep our collective hearts beating.  Without heartbeats there cannot be hoofbeats.

Thank you for being one of our life sustaining heartbeats.

From my heart to yours…

Jill Starr

Founder/Executive Director