The cost of hay has skyrocketed this year. There are some farmers that are opting to grow corn because it gets subsidized and therefore they are no longer growing hay. The severe draught has affected the crops that were planted, the over-abundance of rain in other places have pushed back the planting date. Then you can add in the high cost of fuel and it makes for a devastating cocktail for very high priced feed. We used to pay on average $12 a bale, now we are lucky to find hay for $15. Some places are charging as much as $20 a bale.

The best way for us to deal with this issue is to grow our own hay. We need land in order to do that. With the initial investment to purchase additional land near our Lancaster ranch we would be able to begin a sustainable delivery of feed for our rescued horses.

For more information on the high price of hay please see the link below.


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