Lifesavers offers Wild Horse Boot Camp Journey, an exciting hands-on experience in which participants learn to safely and effectively gentle, handle and train a wild horse, under the supervision and guidance of experienced clinicians. The objective of this Journey is to ensure successful relationships between horses and humans, using kind techniques based on horse psychology rather than forceful tactics to influence the horse’s behavior. Wild Horse Boot Camp is scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend.

Women’s Wild Horse Empowerment Journey is a retreat for women that is based on the original wild horse gentling program Wild Horse Boot Camp, but adds some elements such as yoga instruction, meditation guidance, crafting, and evening wine sharing. Empowerment is scheduled for Labor Day Weekend.

Wild Horse Getaway with Airbnb. Wild Horse Canyon Lodge – is a unique place to experience the solitude, beauty and magic of the mountains of Central CA, on a 1000 + acre wild horse sanctuary near the southern tip of the Sequoia National Forest. Relax under the quiet beauty of blue skies surrounded by wild horses, mountains and trees during the day, and beneath clear, mystical starry skies at night. You will feel transported to another place and time far away from the hustle and bustle of today’s life. Optional wild horse interaction experiences available. Book your getaway through Airbnb.

Wild Horse Canyon Tours. Private 2 hour tours available for up to 6 people. Learn about horse communication and herd dynamics, observe and interact with rescued wild horses, optional picnic in the pasture, optional demonstration of wild horse gentling/training.