In the hopes of building a future in which no horse needs to be rescued, Lifesavers offers a number of educational programs and clinics designed to support the horse-owning public. Clinics offered include basic horse care, safe handling, working with obstacles, saddle-starting and overcoming fears, as well as workshops providing an introduction to the concepts and practices of natural horsemanship.

Lifesavers also offers Wild Horse Boot Camp, an exciting hands-on experience in which participants learn to safely and effectively gentle, handle and train a wild horse, under the supervision and guidance of experienced clinicians. The objective of these workshops is to ensure successful relationships between horses and humans, using kind techniques based on horse psychology rather than forceful tactics to influence the horse’s behavior.

In addition to hands-on learning opportunities, Lifesavers also shares valuable information to raise awareness of the many issues surrounding horse welfare and advocacy such as horse slaughter, wild horse round ups, abuse and abandonment, and legislative options and resolutions for some of the greater issues through our direct mailing program, our email blasts, our website, and social media connections.  If you would like to be included on either our postal mailing list or our email blast list please email us your name and address (or email address) with your request to join.

If you are already on our mailing list and would like to be removed – please send a removal request including your postal address, or your email – whichever is to be removed – to