Our Adoption Policy

Potential Adopters must reside in the state of California. Residents in other states may be considered for adoption on a case by case basis pending approval by the Lifesavers Board of Directors.

Interested Adopters must complete and submit a Lifesavers Adoption Application.

Adopters must be approved as an adopter by the Lifesavers board members and staff.

Interested Adopters will be thoroughly screened and references will be checked. Final approval will be determined by members of the board of directors and Lifesavers’ staff based on interview, references, commitment to the adoption program, and connection between you and your chosen horse.

You may be required to attend some of our educational clinics and classes held here at the ranch which will also give you the opportunity to build a good working relationship with your adoptive horse prior to taking it home.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 toward the adoption donation of each horse is required when you submit your application. Deposit will be deducted from your adoption donation balance. If you change your mind and decide not to adopt a horse from us after a deposit is taken, your deposit will be retained by Lifesavers – it will not be refunded. If your adoption is denied based on application and vetting process, your deposit will be refunded.

Once you are approved to Adopt you will be required to sign an Adoption Agreement sample (sample for review only, please do not fill out)

If adopter is “volunteering to earn a horse”, each completed hour of volunteer work will be credited at $5 and applied against the adoption fee not including the $100 deposit. At the end of the agreed period of volunteer time, the volunteer adopter must pay the remaining balance less credit for hours worked and arrange to take possession of their horse. If volunteer/adopter decides not to become an adopter during their volunteer period – they will not be reimbursed for volunteer time spent earning credit towards an adoption. Their accumulated volunteer credit hours will be zeroed out.

Transportation of the adopted horse to its new home is the responsibility of the Adopter.

Lifesavers makes every effort to match the personality and abilities of the horse to the adopter’s level of skill and expertise. However, it must be understood that most of Lifesavers’ rescued horses need additional training before they can be considered “finished” horses. In some cases, Lifesavers’ rescued horses, will have little or no prior training. It is the Adopter’s responsibility to obtain professional training for their adopted horse.

Potential Adopters must understand that rescued horses are ones that have been discarded by their previous owners for one reason or another. Some horses may have an unsoundness, imperfect conformation, or personality flaw.

Horses available for adoption may be viewed at this web site, or by making an appointment to visit the ranch.

Additional information may be obtained by phoning 661-727-1205.

Thank you for your interest in our organization and our horses.