Lifesavers, Inc. aka Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue’s mission is dedicated to saving wild and domestic horses from abuse, neglect and slaughter. Lifesavers has been responsible for historic rescues of hundreds of horses such as the “Fish Creek” rescue in 2003 where 150 wild horses, mares and foals, were left to starve on a Nevada ranch. They were also a first responder to the heavily publicized “3 Strikes Ranch” rescue in Nebraska where 200 previously wild horses were barely alive trying to survive without food. Nearly 100 of their herd mates had already succumbed. In July of 2010 another Lifesavers historic rescue took place in Fallon, Nevada where Lifesavers was able to bid on and purchase 169 horses at a livestock auction notorious for selling horses as meat. Again that year another 66 horses were rescued from the same auction, followed by 102 mares and foals before the year end.

Caring for hundreds of horses, including some domestic breeds, all rescued from dire circumstances and offered new leases on life. Lifesavers is now the largest horse rescue in the United States in terms of how many horses under its care and its many programs that spell out S.H.A.R.E. – Sanctuary, Healing, Adoption, Rescue, and Education.