Our sanctuary, Wild Horse Canyon, Twin Oaks, Kern County, California, is a permanent natural-habitat home for some of our rescued mustangs. Wild Horse Canyon allows many of our mustangs, those who are un-adoptable or not well-suited to life in captivity, to live out their lives in an environment that is as close as possible to freedom on the range.

Wild Horse Canyon is the home of more than 200 rescued wild and domestic horses living on a combined 1000 acres in Kern County, California, and is the location of our Wild Horse Canyon Lodge and Headquarters.  The Lodge is a guest gathering place, a campground for horse and rider, and a healing facility utilizing our wild horses in equine assisted therapy for Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, Anxiety, Depression and Suicidal Ideation.

We continue to expand our sanctuary properties to make room for additional rescued horses that are unsuitable for adoption.  It is here that horses with advanced age, injury, lameness, or pyschological trauma can live their lives in peace and harmony never to be in jeopardy of being abused, neglected or sent to slaughter.  Ever.

Prior to being released at our sanctuary, rescued horses are kept at our Lancaster, CA facility where they are assessed for adoptability.  Those horses that are suited for a new home go through our training and placement program.  Those horses that need to go to sanctuary are on a long waiting list and earn their freedom as new land parcels in Wild Horse Canyon are acquired and fenced.

Water conservation is a priority at both of our locations, the Lancaster facility and Wild Horse Canyon Sanctuary.

Due to California’s recent and immediate water restrictions mandating that Californian’s reduce our metered water usage by 25% or be fined, we have an urgent need to move as many as 75 horses from the Lancaster facility to Wild Horse Canyon in order to meet the restriction and balance the overall water usage.  Horses drink as much as 15 gallons of water per day.

Lifesavers has always had a long term plan for moving all unadoptable horses from our Lancaster training facility to the natural habitat sanctuary in the mountains and canyons east of Bakersfield, CA, however, the Governor’s call for immediate restriction is fast forwarding our goal.

Wild Horse Canyon Sanctuary
Wild Horse Canyon Sanctuary
Wild Horse Canyon Sanctuary

Please help us make room at our sanctuary for additional horses by making a donation today in any amount that will be used to fence land we have recently purchased and to acquire more parcels that can be added to the sanctuary in the future.

Our current project:  fencing 6100 linear feet surrounding 120 new acres of sanctuary land.  A cost of $61,000.  Fencing is expensive in this area due to the rugged landscape and difficult installation.  Completion of this project could give 67 horses a place to live in peaceful tranquility. 

Your gift will be meaningful in many ways:

  1. It will help us provide well deserved natural habitat sanctuary for horses that have been saved from slaughter.
  2. It will help conserve precious water resources during this historic California drought.
  3. It will help build, improve and expand our sanctuary and healing ranch location for veterans with debilitating war injuries.

Please make a donation to Lifesavers today – any amount will be appreciated.  With a goal of $61,000 to give freedom to 67 horses – that is $910 per horse.

Click here to make a donation of any size to Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue for Sanctuary fencing, expansion, improvements.

Thank you for your support!