Canadian Horse Slaughter Plants Lose Major European Importer of Horsemeat

//Canadian Horse Slaughter Plants Lose Major European Importer of Horsemeat
Canadian Horse Slaughter Plants Lose Major European Importer of Horsemeat 2018-03-30T22:13:12+00:00

GVFI International (GVFI), a major European importer of horsemeat, has finally decided to announce that they will no longer be buying horsemeat from overseas.  GVFI received meat from both Bouvry and Viande Richelieu in Canada, and this termination will undoubtedly be a substantial loss to both suppliers.

Last year, Migros, the largest Swiss retailer and previously one of Bouvry’s biggest customers, cut all business relationships with the Canadian exporter. The termination was deemed necessary after Migros was confronted with horrific images from the Bouvry feedlots provided by various animal rights organizations. The footage included a mare & foal left to die and decompose inside the pen area as well as horses with apparent, contagious diseases and severely overgrown hooves.

Additionally, Migros had been monitoring Bouvry Exports very closely ever since 2012, when the exporting company was exposed of substandard conditions with horses in severe distress at the company’s Canadian feedlots. This latest series of graphic pictures provided was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” as far as Migros was concerned and they immediately ended their association with Bouvry.

Now, GVFI is following in Migros’ footsteps. GVFI was a major player in the international trade of horsemeat and was supplied by Equinox BE (Lamar – Argentina), S.N.V.C./Groupe Harinordoquy FR (Clay – Uruguay), Bouvry (Canada), Viande Richelieu (Canada), and perhaps others. GVFI has been well aware of the terrifying problems in the horse slaughter industry and has previously tried to use their significant influence to bring conditions up to EU standards to no avail.

We are gratified to see that the dangerous investigative work of our partnered animal rights activism organizations continue to reduce the market for American horsemeat. Lifesavers looks forward to working towards a world free of this horrendous industry altogether.

One of our horses, Majik, who was rescued from a feed lot.