Horses Healing Humans

All of us at Lifesavers have had our lives enriched and improved by our relationships with horses. Wild Horse Assisted Therapies such as HIGH (Horse Inspired Growth and Healing) and HIP (Horse Inspired Psychotherapy) programs partner our rescued horses with people struggling from the effects of various traumas. Through experiential education and activities, our programs provide opportunities to increase the positive effects of healthy relationships both with horses and humans. We have developed a model program, Wild Horse Warriors, for returning veterans affected by PTSD, MST, Combat Stress, TBI, Anxiety, Suicide Ideation and other emotional and physical injuries incurred during Military service.

We have partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project and Save A Warrior to offer our Wild Horse Warrior Weekends. Veterans suffering from physical and/or mental wounds spend three or more days at our ranch for a weekend of healing with horses. Under the caring supervision of wild horse clinicians and therapists, the veterans stay in our cozy bunkhouses and start the gentling process with their own chosen wild horse.


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