Executive Director
Jill Starr

Jill founded Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue in 1997 with one horse and a vision.  19 years later Jill’s legacy is now the largest wild horse rescue, adoption, and healing program organization to date.  Jill’s love for horses started when she was just 4 years old and used to ride along with the western television stars – Jill on her plastic spring pony and the Lone Ranger on Trigger.  Years later her parents finally gave in and bought her first horse, Cherokee.  Jill enjoyed Cherokee’s company more than her school friends, and you would always find her in the corral with her best friend.  Somehow that one horse turned into several more.  As life goes, at age 14 she had to give up her 5 horses and follow her family to the city, and it wasn’t until Jill was 35 that she was able to have her own horse again.  Along came China.  China was the one horse that started the ball rolling and eventually led to what is now 450 rescued horses under Lifesavers’ care.  Jill Starr is one the respected pioneers and visionaries within the wild horse welfare and advocacy community.

Sanctuary Manager
Joe G Hernandez

Joe is a Native Californian however, he spent most his teens and young adult years living in Hawaii working on farms, building luxury houses and of course doing a lot of surfing.

Joe has always had a love of horses, didn’t matter what kind he loves them all with his favorites being his Mare and two Fillies that he has gentled and trained himself.  Joe has three children, two daughters and a son.  When the opportunity arose to put his wide variety of skills to use at Lifesavers Joe was happy to oblige.

Operations Manager

Lisa Interrante

Lisa was born in the city of Los Angeles, California but that is never where her heart was content.  She always dreamed of rural life with lots of animals around her.  She has been an advocate for animals her whole life and has done what she could independently with rescue, foster and adoption of all types of animals.  Lisa’s passion for Mustangs goes back as far as she can remember.  She was introduced to Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue back in 2010 and from then on she was hooked.

For the next year and a half, Lisa and her daughter traveled from the valley up to Lifesavers to volunteer every weekend, but that was not enough.  In 2012, Lisa and her daughter relocated to be closer to the ranch.  In 2014, Lisa was hired on as office manager for Lifesavers.  She still continues to do her independent rescue and has filled her home with 3 dogs, 2 cats (15 ferral cats she cares for) a bunny rabbit, a one eyed guinea pig, 5 chickens, numerous reptiles, and 3 horses. She feels she is finally living a dream come true working and caring for the horses of Lifesavers.